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Exactly what you needed.


The Tobox team has embarked on a mission to design a solution for our fellow rollers.

When it comes to keeping your stash, the most widely used product is just any box or pouch. Yes, our community usually improvises. Here's how:

  • Rubber Band

    A rubber band that ties together all the necessary accessories.

  • Tin Can

    A tin-can that is stuffed with everything

  • Pouch

    Just stuffing everything into the tobacco pouch.

  • Tobacco Package

    A tobacco package accompanied by a tin can that contains the rolling papers, filters and a lighter.

As long-time rollers, we set out to tackle the challenge and create a solution. The goal was a simple-to-use product that is a holistic all-in-one smart box, easy to carry around in a pocket or handbag, premium with contemporary design, and overall fun.
Let's roll!



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